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Devotional 05.17.23

Dear Faith Family, 

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest, Matthew 11:28.

He was standing outside of the elevator door in the lobby of a hotel.  Waiting.  Next to him rested his luggage. Waiting. He surprised me with a question: "how are you?"

I returned the kindness: "how are you?" Looking down he answered almost in a sigh: "I'm slap wore out."

How about you? How are you? Running on empty? More tasks than time today? Weary from all your efforts? Pouring into others? Checking off boxes? Maybe the satisfaction of a job well done eludes you? And now you're weary. 

Are you heavy laden? Sometimes the burdens of life don't offer you the opportunity to relieve them. They just linger. And the weight of those cares increases with time. 

I'll tell you what I told that weary waiter: "You're in the right place." You are in the presence of the Prince of Peace. He offers you rest. The audacity! 

Come. Cast all your anxieties on him.  He cares for you, 1 Peter 5:7!  Pause. No, really. Pause. Be still. Look for Him. He's here. He knows. He cares. Just come. 

Learning how, 

Pastor Karl