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Grace That Is Greater

Devotional 6.22.22

Dear Faith Family, 

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by His grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, (Romans 3:23-24). 

Off to the mountains we did go.  It was all planned.  Fifteen of us all under one roof!  From pool to pond and even Walmart we did go.  What a delight to enjoy grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.  Even Ike, the local German Shepherd joined us from time to time.  And let’s not fail to mention Cisco and Sissy, the two horses in the pasture just outside the front door.  Or the twenty-nine head of longhorn cattle, including the little “buggers”, in an adjacent pasture. 

But (did you see that coming?) there was one unwelcomed guest lurking invisibly in our midst.  His name?  Covid!  Yikes!  First one, then three, then four, then six.  Currently eight of us are down for the count.  Four of us took a field trip to Family First Medical Center for evaluation and possible treatment. 

Anybody know what Bebtelovimab is?  Me either.  I didn’t know.  Frankly, didn’t care.  It is a monoclonal antibody.  “Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory-made proteins that mimic the immune system’s ability to fight off harmful antigens, such as viruses. Monoclonal antibodies prevent and treat COVID-19 by targeting the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 to block the virus’ attachment and entry into human cells. Bebtelovimab is a COVID-19 monoclonal antibody, ( 

Thanks for sharing all of that, Karl.  But what’s the point?  Until that precious little plastic gismo lit up two lines for all to see that I had Covid, I had little to no interest in Bebtelovimab.  And, when the medical staff where we took our field trip (they were great!) highly recommended Bebtelovimab, I became even more interested. 

We don’t like to talk about sin.  Heck, we don’t even like to admit that we have a sin problem.  That’s reserved for murders and rapists, right?  And in so doing, we’ve all but removed our need for Jesus.  The law of God was introduced to expose our sin.  It’s like the Covid test.  It tells us that there’s trouble within.  We need help.  His name is Jesus. 

Let’s be real about sin.  It’s real!  And let’s be even more real about our Savior.  He’s more real! 

Thankful for our Savior! 
Pastor Karl 

PS – we had planned to leave the mountains and head to the Presbyterian Church in America’s General Assembly in Birmingham, AL.  No worries.  I get to watch it online in the comforts of my own home!  Go to the PCA’s website (  You can find a link there to watch the General Assembly live.