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Heart's Desire

heart's desire

Dear Faith Family,

Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved, (Romans 10:1).

When I arrived at Faith I inherited the “Rally Monkey”.  He was a medium sized monkey that kept showing up in odd places.  He even traveled incognito with the youth group on a trip to Florida.  Here’s the thing, wherever the monkey went, he was just there.  That’s all he had to offer.  The monkey didn’t really care.  Didn’t care if he was here or there.  Didn’t care if it was hot or cold.  Didn’t care if he was with or without you.

When you travel the verses of Acts, you will discover Paul making the rounds:  Paul in Antioch, Paul in Iconium, Paul in Lystra, Paul in prison, Paul in Thessalonica, Paul in Berea, Paul in Athens, Paul in Corinth.  Well, you get the idea.  But Paul was about more than just being there (wherever there was).  In each case Paul (sometimes with a co-laborer) carried with him a desire to see people come to Jesus and be saved.  And, Paul carried with him the only means for people to be saved, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In short, Paul cared.  In fact, he actually cared for those who might have been labeled, “enemy”!

Have you guessed where we’re headed? 

When we catch our reflection in the mirror, does it resemble the “whatever” Rally Monkey attitude?  Maybe it hurts too much to care.  Maybe it’s not safe to care.  Maybe we’ve tried to care and it doesn’t seem to help.  And maybe we’ve tried to box up our care.

Or, when we catch our reflection in the mirror, does it resemble the heart desire of Paul?  Paul, apparently, was not consumed with Paul.  Instead, his heart was fixed on Jesus.  That’s where Paul (remember used to be Saul) gained a heart for those without Jesus.

So then, pray for those around you.  Pray for your family.  Pray for your neighbors.  Pray for those you work with.  Pray for those you see on Sunday (some of them might not be saved).  Pray for those you see on social media.  Pray for those you hear about on the news.  Pray that they may be saved.

Tell someone about Jesus today (with your life and with your lips).  Show and tell someone what Jesus is doing in your life.  Don’t just be here or there, be the gospel here and there.

A recipient of the Gospel,
Pastor Karl