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It was a dark and stormy 2020!

dark stormy

Dear Faith Family,

“It was a dark and stormy night.  Suddenly a shot rang out!”  Enamored with his own words Snoopy evaluated: “My plot is thickening!”  I think he must have been writing about the year 2020!  Has your plot thickened this year?

A thick plot is actually a great place for us to see Jesus.  Isn’t it interesting how much more visible Light is in the darkness?  Ponder some illustrations here: Adam and Eve hiding in the garden; Elijah on the mountain with the prophets of Baal; Daniel in the lion’s den; the disciples on a stormy sea; you in 2020!

Wait, what was that last illustration?  What “shot” of light is illuminating the darkness of 2020?  You!  God is using you, Faith Church, to make disciples by connecting people to God, connecting people to each other, and by connecting people to others.

Consider the creative ways that you have been connecting to God.  Together we have found ways to gather and worship our God both in person and online.  Who would have guessed that we would host an online worship service?!

Consider the ways that you have been connecting to the body. A church picnic in the parking lot at Faith?!  Who brings a full-length mirror to a church picnic?  Ask Cliff.  Horses at a church picnic?  A drive through at the picnic?  And face painting too?  What a delight to be together!  Some of our small groups were even able to connect.  So, how hot can you get a bonfire Noah and Jonah?

Consider the ways that you have been connecting to others.  You have participated with Christ Central Ministries and connected to others with a meal.  You have reached out to our community through an art camp.  You have continued to participate with the Gados and connected to others in Nigeria.  You teamed up with Operation Christmas Child to provide opportunities for 133 children to hear the gospel through a shoebox.  Together with Mission India you have connected to 4000 children in India who will have an opportunity to hear the gospel.  Wow!  And that’s not the half of it!

Thank you for your participation in the gospel.  Thank you for making disciples.  Thank you for connecting.  Want to connect some more?  Scroll through and look for what God is doing.  Get involved.  Continue to worship by investing financially in what God is doing (Use the lockbox outside of the church office.  Send your gift through the mail: 1811 Dutch Fork Road, Irmo, SC, 29063.  Or donate online by Clicking Here.)

Join with us in prayer as we usher in another eventful year of making disciples.  We would love to hear from you.  Tell us how God is using you to be a light for those around you.

On a well lit dark and stormy night,

Faith Church