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Looking for Love in all the Odd Places


Dear Faith Family, 

We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love that you have for all the saints, (Colossians 1:3-4). 

There it was in black and white (ok, the attached picture was in color).  It was a post on Facebook from “Meanwhile in Ukraine”: 

“I left the bomb shelter and saw a car with keys in the ignition near the store.  I watched it for two hours, waited for the owner – I didn’t wait.  I took my family, got in the car and drove to Vinnitsa to visit relatives.  I found a phone number in the glove compartment and called the owner:  Sorry, I stole your car.  Saved my family.” 

The response?  “Thank God, don’t worry, I have 4 cars.  I took my family out in my jeep.  The rest of the cars I filled with fuel and left in different places with the keys in the ignition and the number in the glove compartment.  I received calls back from all cars.  There will be peace – see you.  Take care of yourself!” 

Wow!  Just wow!  Who does that?  Who thinks about other people when you’re trying to save your family?  Honestly, it’s a copycat crime of love.  I mean, isn’t that what Jesus did?  Even to His last breaths?  Like when He was making arrangements for His mother?  Like how He was thinking of His disciples, you included, and praying for you right before He yielded His life for yours? 

In fact, love seems to bloom most brilliantly in some of the oddest places!  Marvel not just at the “Meanwhile in Ukraine”.  Marvel even more at the God who loved first so that we too can love! 

So there, I said it, He loves you, child of the living God!  Let that sink in.  Stop, you didn’t let that sink in long enough!  He loves you, child of the living God!  Now, who are you going to love today and how?  Go ahead.  Fill up the gas tank.  Put the keys in the ignition.  And watch God use you! 

Looking to love, 
Pastor Karl