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Dear Faith Family,

And for three days he was without sight, and neither ate nor drank, Acts 9:9.

Talk about a reset!  We are certainly familiar with God’s conversion of Saul to Paul.  And we are familiar with Paul’s ministry after his conversion.  But have you thought about Saul being without sight for three days?

God isn’t haphazard with His words.  He intentionally inspired His Word, the Bible.  Accordingly, He let’s us in on Saul’s darkness.  What was that like?  Saul may have wondered if he would ever see again.  He had time to rehearse what had just happened on the road to Damascus.  And, he had time to wrestle with how his most recent experience with Jesus fit with his prior education and life.

One thing is for sure.  Saul would never be the same after that day.  Even as your computer screen goes dark after a “control, alt, delete”, Saul’s life went dark.  God hit the reset button in Saul’s life.  Saul wasn’t supposed to go back.  God had something new for Saul.

I can’t help but believe that God has somehow hit the reset button in our lives.  Are your eyes open but you feel like you still can’t see?  What is God up to in this moment?  Do you feel like you have some of the puzzle pieces but you’re not sure where they go?  Maybe for the first time Jesus is calling you to Himself.  Maybe He is realigning you with His call on your life.

Either way, the point can’t be just to return to the way things were.  No.  Instead, I think we have to ask the question: “What is next, Father?”  The answer to the question may not come if we simply fill the darkness with more activity.  What if we were just still for one day?  A day to pray?  A day to fast (that doesn’t mean go faster!)?  Saul went for three days without sight, without food, and without water.  (Not sure if he had toilet paper or hand sanitizer.)

Reset, for Saul, meant a new direction.  New direction requires us to abandon the old.  Is there something in your life that isn’t part of God’s call?  Does it need to be dropped off at Goodwill?  Don't hold on to what God is calling you to let go.

New direction requires us to embrace the new.  Is God resetting you to something new?  Something out of your comfort zone?  Something frighteningly glorious?  Don't let go of what God is holding on to.

God reset Saul from killing Christians to delivering the eternal revelation of God to Christians through the ages!  What’s God doing with your life?


In His Love,

Pastor Karl