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The Eyes Have It

The eyes

Dear Faith Family, 

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert, (Isaiah 43:19). 

It was a couple of months ago (insert picture of tongue in cheek here) and I was back at the optometrist’s office to follow up on my “faulty” contacts.  Problem: since my new contacts were installed, I was no longer able to clearly focus on objects up close. 

Before she sentenced me to the examination chamber, an assistant checked my eyes.  She chuckled as she informed me that I my vision with contacts was 20/15.  She also informed me that the Dr. was probably not going to be able to do much better than that! 

Fast forward into “the chamber”.  After a brief review, the Dr. made a statement in the form of a question: “You’re 40, aren’t you?!”  (Remind readers here that this was just a couple of months ago.)  He gave some explanation for why up close focusing was a problem.  I’m not sure how much of that I heard.  My mind had already skidded to a halt at his unnecessary accusation. 

Here's my point.  Sometimes the hardest things to see are those that are right in front of our eyes!  Don’t believe me?  How many times in search of something have you made this statement: If it was a snake, it would have bitten me? 

Much had the Lord done for His people.  Read back through chapter 43 of Isaiah.  But the best was yet to come!  He had much more that He was up to.  It appears that they couldn’t see what God was doing right in front of them.  Too much wilderness and too much sand for them to see the work of God in their midst. 

Question: What is God up to in your front yard?  Can you see it?  Ok, that was two questions.  Is God doing something in your family that you’re not seeing?  How about school or work?  What is God doing that you’re not seeing?  What stage is He setting in your life for the holiday season (Thanksgiving & Christmas)?  Maybe it isn’t shaping up as you would like.  Are you overlooking His work? 

Would you ask God to give you eyes to see what He is doing?  And, as you see what He is up to, will you share it with the rest of us? 

Hoping to see what He sees, 
Pastor Karl