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The Power of His Word

The power

The power

Dear Faith Family,

Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it, (Jeremiah 1:12).

Growing up the son of a pastor had its privileges.  Like, access to the pickle jar in the refrigerator in the basement of the church building.  But there were some drawbacks, for sure.  Like if I misbehaved in church, I was in trouble with both the pastor and my father in one fell swoop.  Yikes.  No matter how funny an event or a comment might have been, once I received “the look” from the pastor, the funny was sucked completely out of the moment.  Empty.  Dry.  It just wasn’t funny anymore.

It was on one such occasion that my brothers and I were forewarned that there would be a spanking waiting for us when we got home.  (It must have been something that my brothers did!  Just sayin’.)  In any case, a spontaneous, silent prayer meeting erupted in the back seat.  It went something like this: “God, please help dad to forget to spank us when we get home.”  And it wouldn’t be for lack of repetition that the prayer would be unanswered.

As we approached the driveway (note: up to that point there was complete silence in the back seat occupied by three adolescent boys!), dad spoke up.  Do you think we were listening?!  His words?  “I haven’t forgotten.”  God must have told him what we were praying!  My father had every intention of keeping his word.  And, he did!  Ouch.

God is even more intentional when it comes to His Word.  Consider a young Jeremiah, identified by his relationship with God, and called by that God to deliver a difficult message (Jeremiah 1:5).  At the front end, Jeremiah needed to know that God was watching over His Word with every intention of bringing what He said to pass.  Think about it.  Nothing can thwart his effort.  He knows everything.  No surprises.  He won’t forget.  He has all power.  No weaknesses as to ability to carry out His Word.  The short of it?  God does what He says, (Jeremiah 1:12).

Our response?  In Jesus, with the right to be called “children of God”, we ought to fear this incredible Father.  He is so much more than we know.  Your’s, child of God, should be a fear of awe.  This is the faith of a child whose Father really is bigger than the next.  Consider this.  Your Father always keeps His Word.  Always!  With the faith of a child love your Father.  Enjoy the comfort that comes in His complete faithfulness.  Delight yourself in His watching over His Word to perform it.

Outside of Jesus, with no right to be called “children of God”, you ought to fear this incredible Judge.  God is watching over His Word.  He always keeps His Word.  Always!  Sin will be punished.  There is hell to pay.  May the fear (terror) of God drive you to the fear (awe) of God in Christ Jesus. 

In Awe,
Pastor Karl