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Bear Essentials

Devotional 11.8.23

Dear Faith Family, 

But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one, (2 Thessalonians 3:3). 

It was a leisurely hike through the woods from the Shepherd’s Inn to the Chapel at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Ashville, NC.  We had some free time on Tuesday afternoon between Albert Mohler’s messages.  So, we hiked our way down to the chapel.  As we ascended on our hike back something odd caught my attention in the trail up ahead. 

Some 40 yards away (give or take) stood a rather large black bear.  Beside her was her cub.  First thought?  Cool.  Second thought?  Uh oh.  The momma bear was focused on us.  Occasionally she would look at her cub, but she kept a serious eye focused on us as she stood on the trail that used to belong to us. 

Fortunately, the little cub, after observing us from an elevated vantage point on his hind legs, decided it best to move on into the woods in a direction other than ours.  Phew!  It wasn’t until momma bear was convinced that her cub was out of harms way that she allowed us once again to borrow passage on her trail.  And just like that she lumbered after her little one and disappeared from our sight. 

What a picture of our God!  Paul told us that the Lord would establish us and guard us.  He would sure up our strength.  That little cub was confident in the strength of his momma.  Fear dissipated in her presence.  The strength of the Lord is established in His watch care over us.  He guards us just like that momma bear watched over her cub.  (I had no desire to enter the ring of bear wrestling!) 

Consider the real presence of your Lord.  He watches you with greater intensity than that of a momma bear!  He stands guard over you.  His presence is the very source of your strength.  Will you allow the truth of who He is to fortify your mind? 

And what about fear?  Is something of the unknown waiting in your not-so-distant future?  Are there more needs in your life right now than resources?  Are there current unresolved conflicts that are beyond your abilities to resolve?  Not to mention those haunting circumstances that just don’t make sense to you. 

Consider the presence of your Lord who will establish you and guard you against the evil one.  Practice the truth of His presence.  He is with you, child of God.  Focus on the faithful presence of your Lord.  

Thankful to be His, 
Pastor Karl