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From Fisherman to Fisher of Men


Dear Faith Family, 

And Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.”, (Luke 5:10). 

First vacation morning on the bass pond.  Check.  First fish hooked.  Check.  Big fish hooked.  Check.  It’s going to be a good week.  Check.  Some time to reflect on Jesus’ encounter with Peter in Luke five.  Check. 

I confess, I was once again enamored with the living Word of God.  Luke 5 is God’s account of His calling of Peter.  You remember the story, right?  Peter fished all night and came up empty.  Jesus showed up and told him to cast his nets yet again. 

Now Peter had no shortage of confidence and he proceeded to inform Jesus that he (the seasoned fisherman) had fished all night to no avail.  But Peter had enough respect for Jesus that he honored Jesus’ request.  Well, you know what happened.  Somehow this Master Teacher outwitted the fisherman! 

Isn’t it interesting that the following exchange of words included “do not be afraid”?  Why would Jesus’ encounter with Peter produce fear?  Could it be that Peter’s self-confidence was being challenged?  Jesus’ calling on Peter’s life was not a call to self-confidence. 

Could it also be that Jesus was establishing Himself as the object of Peter’s confidence?  The fear of such “unknown” power would be dissolved in the relentless love that Jesus had for His disciple, such love that would welcome and even call Peter to serve Jesus! 

You need not fear your lack of ability when it comes to God’s calling on your life.  Go ahead and admit it!  You, in your own strength, are not able to accomplish God’s purpose in your life. 

And you need not fear His overwhelming ability when it comes to God’s calling on your life.  Go ahead and admit it!  You, in His strength, are able to accomplish all of God’s purpose in your life. 

Some food for thought?  What is He calling you to?  If it isn’t greater than your abilities and less than His abilities, it probably isn’t His call?! 

Finding confidence in Jesus, 
Pastor Karl