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God’s Storage Facility


Dear Faith Family, 

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also, (Matthew 6:20-21). 1 

So off to lunch with a friend.  The distance between Ballentine and Chapin was littered with storage facilities.  Got me to thinking.  I think I should go into the storage business.  Apparently, we’ve got a lot of stuff to store.  Then I started thinking about some questions. 

That’s where Matthew 6:20 showed up.  Jesus sat down on the mountain and His disciples came to Him (Matthew 5:1).  Thus the sermon on the mount.  That’s when Jesus challenged His disciples with clear direction.  Jesus told His disciples to store up stuff!  (Is that why we like to acquire stuff?)  

Wait, where are we supposed to store our stuff?  Which storage facility?  Here’s the thing, Jesus gave clear direction.  And His clear direction mandated the location of His storage facility.  Isn’t it interesting that Jesus talked about the where but not so much about the what?  Could it be that if we know where the storage facility is we will know what to put in it?   

Ok. So, where’s His storage facility?  It’s a place where stuff never deteriorates!  You know, moths don’t eat your stuff.  Rust is nonexistent.  There aren’t even any thieves to steal it!  Really?!  Where?  Not in this world.  Heaven. 

I guess that kind of limits what sort of stuff we can store there, right?  No one’s found the portal to beam up the stuff of this world.  At least not that I’m aware of.  My guess is that if you bury someone with their stuff it’ll still be there in the ground long after the someone is gone. 

So, what kinds of stuff can we store there?  Good stuff.  Spiritual stuff.  Eternal stuff.  The kind of relational stuff that He had been talking about earlier in His sermon.  Keep in mind that the people around you are eternal.  Your investments in their lives are eternal.  Keep in mind that His Word is eternal.  Your obedience to His Word is eternal. 

Alright.  Back to the thinking thing.  What questions came to the surface?  What kind of stuff am I storing up?  Your turn.  What kind of stuff are you storing up?  Maybe the location of our storage facility would reveal our stuff.  Where’s my treasure?  Oh, I see it now.  It’s over there with my heart! 

Storing up His stuff, 
Pastor Karl