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Goodnight Mountains

Devotional 2.21.24

Dear Faith Family, 

I will never leave you nor forsake you, (Hebrews 13:5). 

As the sun began to tuck itself into the mountain before us, its light increasingly dissipated from the mountains behind.  At 5826 feet above sea level, Round Bald (Roan Mountain, TN.) accommodated our bleachers’ seats.  Looking back toward Sugar Mountain, the shadows had already begun to envelope its peak.  Soon the darkness would hide those glorious elevations from our view.  With those shadows came just a twinge of sadness and my mouth gave way to the words, “Goodnight mountains.” 

Doesn’t it seem sometimes that the works of God are like the mountains of Tennessee?  Hidden by the shadows of life?  Your mind knows that God is at work (the glorious mountains are still there – even in the dark).  But sometimes you just can’t see what He’s up to?  Like when relationships turn ugly.  Like when you look up the word “doldrum” and the definition reads, “your work”.  Or like when others don’t seem to appreciate you.  Maybe it’s been too long since you’ve heard the words, “thank you”.  Let me see if I can illustrate. 

Whether you find yourself in the pit, at Potipher’s, or in prison (Genesis 37, 39), God is present and at work, right?  Maybe it doesn’t feel like much good is happening.  Or, maybe you’ve become convinced that God has more important things to do (Like He can’t handle our concerns because after all He has His limitations!  NOT!) other than to busy Himself with our mundane circumstances. 

Think about it.  Everything in our world is mundane to the eternal, infinite God of the universe!  Our ability to see what God is doing in no way defines whether He is present or at work.  His Word proves His presence and informs us that He is at work, often up to that which we cannot see.  He has chosen to take what we would call mundane and has turned it into the glorious work of His presence. 

It isn’t just that God was redeeming the pit, Potipher’s, and prison with a promotion to the palace.  God was present the whole time.  He was at work lighting up the pit and Potipher’s and prison!  Our sight, or lack thereof, in no way inhibits the presence and work of God. 

So, if you want to see the Balds at Roan Mountain, too bad.  They’re gone now.  I watched them disappear!  Just kidding.  I’m quite sure that they are still there for your eyes to behold.  I have even more confidence in the presence and the work of our God in your life today.  Keep your eyes open, waiting on the Sonrise! 

With eyes of expectation, 
Pastor Karl