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Have This Mind

Have this

Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, Philippians 2:5.


Cyndi and I traveled to Roan Mountain, Tennessee to celebrate her birthday. First day here we hiked the balds. Six plus miles at over 5000 feet. Impressive, right? 


I'm not talking about us. I'm talking about our God! Interesting how small we are standing on a mountain looking for miles across a mountainous landscape!


God, on the other hand, grows with each breathtaking view. Or at least our perception of Him grows as we try to catch our breath. 


The rhododendrons are like pink and purple neon signs flashing across the mountains. Each one uniquely declaring the glory of our God! Sprinkled inbetween were the yellow-orange flashing azaleas. And, if you're not careful you'll overlook the intricate details of the tiny flowers that dot the landscape. They too quietly declare the glory of our God. 


We watched a doe feeding just below the grassy nole. With graceful movement she acted out the glory of our God. Each time she fixed her eyes and ears on us she seemed to ask, "Do you see Him?"


Humility. It's a mindset encouraged by the overwhelming size of our infinite God. It's a mindset of the created submitting to the Creator. It's the reality that we get to be His! 


So have this mindset today. Follow His lead today. Value someone else today above yourself. Exercise humility through obedience today. 


Enjoying His greatness, 

Pastor Karl