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Left Lane Storms

Devotional 12.7.22

Dear Faith Family, 

And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by the waves; but He was asleep.  And they went and woke Him, saying, “Save us, Lord; we are perishing,” (Matthew 8:24-25). 

So, a friend of mine was minding his own business as he hustled down the interstate recently.  That is until he encountered smoke and brake lights immediately in front of him.  As he stood on his brake pedal and narrowly missed the vehicles around him, he discovered the source of the problem.  It was in the left lane (make mental note of that – the left lane). 

There was a Range Rover in the, did I say, left lane.  Both tires on one side of the vehicle were blown.  You know, like no air.  Like lifeless.  Like chunks of rubber exiting from the not so cohesive whole.  Oh, yea, and the vehicle was traveling at a ripe old speed of 15 mph.  Did I tell you that was happening in the left lane of all places? 

When my friend was able to pass the aforementioned vehicle (passing on the right – well, in case you missed it, the other vehicle was in the left lane) he saw the driver of the Range Rover in a state of panic.  Eyes darting to and fro.  Both hands jerking the wheel as he desperately looked for an opportunity to get off the road.  Panic prevailed. 

Reminds me of a day in the life of Jesus’ disciples.  Join the circle and listen to these saints of old recount the story of yesteryear.  They were young men when one of those sudden, nasty storms overwhelmed the Sea of Galilee.  Listen to the tension, the panic, in their voices.  They were facing possible death for the love of Pete (He was one of them!).  Fear was at the helm. 

And then there was Jesus.  In the face of the storm, He was scurrying about the boat looking for a solution, right?  Oh wait, that’s not what the Bible says!  But Jesus was asleep!  Wut?!  How?  Why?  What in the world?  The storm didn’t strike fear in the heart of Jesus because Jesus was bigger than the storm!  He ruled over it!  He rebuked the storm (let that one sink in) and it obeyed. 

Ok, ok, back to the interstate and my friend.  You remember the dude in the Range Rover?  Well, he wasn’t exactly in a panic.  I kinda misspoke. His eyes were not darting to and fro.  In fact, they were seemingly focused on what was in his hands.  Oh, and his hands weren’t on the steering wheel.  No, tooling along in, that’s right, the left lane at 15 mph with two blown tires, this man was, what else, with both hands peeling and eating a banana!  What did you think he was doing? 

  • Disclaimer – please don’t eat a banana in the left lane  
    on the interstate driving 15 mph with two blown tires! 

So, any left lane storms in your life today?  Medical?  Financial?  Relational?  Any “tires” just blow out?  Jesus is bigger than your storm!  Fear doesn’t belong here.  Do you believe that He rules over your storm(s)?  Seems like the storm on the Sea of Galilee served a good purpose: the disciples came to the end of themselves and not nonchalantly sought out Jesus. 

Seeking out Jesus, 
Pastor Karl