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Looking For God in All The Right Places

looking for God

Dear Faith Family, 

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near, (Isaiah 55:6). 

Anybody else enjoy a good “wordsearch” puzzle?  Do you pick the first letter of a word and search through the puzzle for that one letter in an attempt to find the word you’re looking for?  Or, do you look for two letters combined?  Like two of the letter “o” next to each other?  Or, do you just let your eyes roam around the puzzle in hopes of recognizing a word?  Maybe you do all of the above?  Maybe not? 

Isaiah told us to seek the Lord.  He wanted us to investigate, attempt to find the Lord.  Consider David’s words in Psalm 139:7-8:  Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?  If I ascend to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there!  God is everywhere!  It would stand to reason that He might be easily found, right?  It sounds like a “Where’s Waldo” when every person in the picture is Waldo! 

If God is everywhere, the seeking process seems unnecessary.  And yet, we are told to seek for God.  We ought to be striving to find our God.  Where is He?  What is He up to?  If He’s everywhere, why do we have such a hard time seeing Him?  Not unlike a word search puzzle, He’s right in front of us.  Yet often times He escapes our view. 

Could it be that there are too many other “letters” and “words” that steal our attention?  Or maybe it’s a problem with motivation?  Why wouldn’t we want to see our God?   Are we afraid that we might actually find Him?  That He might be up to something that conflicts with our current agenda?  Or, if found, He might call us to change? 

Maybe we are looking right at Him and we just don’t know it.  There are two places our God is hidden in plain view:  1. In His Word.  2. In His world.  Are you looking for your God in the world around you?  How about in the lives of the people around you who were created in His image?  Each person uniquely reflects almighty God. 

Seek the Lord everyday in His Word.  Look for Him.  What does He want to teach you about Himself today?  What about His character does He want to reveal to you right now?  Ours is the infinite God!  He is an inexhaustible gold mine!  Keep digging! 

With eyes open, 
Pastor Karl