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That All The Earth May Know


Faith Family,

That all the earth may know, (1 Samuel 17:46).

Those are not uncommon words.  Solomon used similar words in his benediction as they celebrated the ark of the covenant being brought into the temple, (1 Kings 8:60).  In the showdown on Mount Carmel, Elijah prayed, answer me, O Lord, answer me, that this people may know that you, O Lord, are God, (1 Kings 18:37).

Throughout biblical history, the monumental moments repeatedly bear out the theme that God is God and He wants people to know Him.  So, He chose to make Himself known in some rather spectacular circumstances.
We know that God is God.  We know that God hasn’t changed.  We know that God is still working.  But do we believe that 1. He wants to make Himself known, and 2. He is at work making Himself known in these rather spectacular circumstances?

We are not quarantined from God!  He is here at work making Himself known…somehow.  The question begs to be asked: “How?”.  How is God making Himself known?  If we’re going to ask the question, the least we can do is look for an answer.

Is God making Himself known through His answers to your prayers?  Is He making Himself known through His love that you share with each other?  Is He making Himself known in a worldwide pandemic?  The answer is “yes”!
So, pray that our God would be known.  And, look for opportunities to be used by Him in the lives of the people around you.

That all the earth may know,
Pastor Karl