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The God Who Can

Devotional 12.6.23

Dear Faith Family, 

For nothing will be impossible with God, (Luke 1:37). 

Remember the “Cash for Clunkers” program?  It was a United States government economic stimulus program that provided financial incentives to car owners to trade in their old, less fuel-efficient vehicles and buy more fuel-efficient vehicles, (   

We had three teenagers living in our home at the time.  And, we had three vehicles, total.  One of the three vehicles found its way into the back end of a pickup truck.  Another of the three vehicles found its way onto the “Cash for Clunkers” most wanted list.  Moving from three vehicles to two raised a serious question: “What does that mean for me?” 

In other words, if we traded a totaled vehicle and cashed in a clunker (two different vehicles) and only replaced the two of them with one newer vehicle…?  Hmmmmmm.  The question was not, what does that mean?  Not, how much will it cost?  Not, what kind of vehicle will you purchase?  Instead, what does that mean for me? 

Here’s the thing.  Luke (writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) informs us that Elizabeth (who was unable to have children) and Mary (who was unmarried and had never been with a man) were each going to have a son!  Notice what follows.  The focus of the text dials in on the unlimited power of God!  Mary asked how rather than what does that mean for me?  Her question underlined the character of God. 

Yes, there are ramifications for Elizabeth and for Mary.  And yes, there are ramifications for us.  But the focus of the text is on God and what He is up to in His world.  It was His messenger delivering His message about His Messiah to His servants in His world. 

Are there times when our will, our purposes, our comfort, and our desires steal our focus?  The birth of the forerunner of the Christ and the birth of the Messiah were handcrafted in detail to highlight the eternal power of the living God.  So, it would seem that what is happening in His world (the one that we live in) is but a reflection of His character. 

Watch what happens next!  Mary responds in beautiful submission to the Lord.  Her knowledge of who God is enabled her trust in Him and thus His will.   

Let’s begin with the eternal God.  From His perspective we need to better understand this world in which we live.  Do we trust God with our current working conditions?  How do they highlight the character of God?  Do we trust our God with our medical reports?  How is His character on display there?  Do we trust God with our Christmas family gatherings (who’s there and who’s not)?  How will He demonstrate Himself in those gatherings?   

Are we looking for how we can serve (submitting what it means for me to Him and His purposes) Him in the midst of what He is doing?  Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to Your word, (Luke 1:38). 

Remember: nothing will be impossible with God, 
Pastor Karl