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The Little Things

Devotional 11.22.23

Dear Faith Family, 

Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, (Ephesians 5:20). 

So, there’s that.  The GPS mapped out the directions to the rehab center.  A friend, brother, and fellow elder is currently recuperating there.  Apparently, the GPS is on a first name basis with the rehab center for it mapped out directions to the back door. 

Just outside the back door is a switch cover highlighting a red button.  I felt like I was in the Bat Cave!  After pressing the button, the door granted an invitation to enter.  Enter I did.  The joy of entry was slightly tarnished as I realized that I was somewhere in the back halls of the facility.  A couple of days later (maybe not that long) I found the doorway leading to the front lobby. 

Believing that to be the best next step, I attempted to open the door to the lobby.  Not the best next step.  Not only did it not open – bummer, but the attempt set off an alarm – bigger bummer.  That’s not embarrassing.  When no one came to my rescue, I headed off in search of my friend’s room.  Found him!  “I have no idea what that beeping noise out in the hallway is!  I’ve been in this room for at least the last hour.” 

After a visit with my friends (his bride was also there), mine was the quest to find an exit.  The alarm had been quieted (I don’t know if someone turned it off or if it just got tired?) and my hope was to let sleeping alarms lie.  I found my way back to the door that offered a way in.  It offered no such way out.  In fact, I heard the door snicker when I discovered not a red button but a keypad next to the door!  Now what? 

About that time a nurse (aka. escape artist) appeared to my right out of thin air (or maybe she just came walking up the hallway).  Whatever the case, she knew the code, the way out.  And she was willing to share it with me!  I’ve since offered the code discreetly for a small fortune on Facebook Marketplace. 

The point?  My ability to appreciate the exit code was greatly enhanced through a set of now comical circumstances.  In the grand scheme of things, the exit code was a little thing (four digits to be precise).  But I was grateful for those four digits! 

Two questions?  One: what set of circumstances (comical or otherwise) is God using to enhance your ability to appreciate?  Two: what “little things” are you thankful for?  Is there someone in your life that is being overlooked?  Someone you’re failing to appreciate?  Maybe God’s faithful provision is being unnoticed because He isn’t giving what you want? 

Give thanks, even for the little things.  And give thanks for the circumstances that help you to give thanks. 

Happy thanks giving, 
Pastor Karl